Delta Hiring

DELTA Hiring is a career launching platform for candidates and a ready pool of employable talent for enterprises in the IT sectors. It offers you a distinct platform where we recruit the candidate through the proper selection process.We allow the candidates to choose their technologies. This program will also lead to to an assured job in a leading global company.

DELTA Hiring by VanraSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers you a distinct platform Where we recruit the candidate through the proper selection process.We allow the candidates to choose their technologies.The candidate will be given the complete training and live projects experience in their respective technologies. Company will shares associate profile with our customer company for better opportunity in same stream.

Hiring Procedure and Workflow

  • 1.1 The Consultant or our Recruiter arrange or manage consulting with candidates and guide them about DELTA Hiring processes designed by VanraSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • 1.2 Candidates can directly walk-in to the company and discuss with company HR about DELTA Hiring processes and get proper counselling about programs and Fees.

  • 1.3 Company HR needs to guide the candidates and give them proper information about DELTA Hiring policy, requirements, job description, Fees along with program work flow and schedule

  • 1.4 Candidate would have to clear a technical test with or above 50% passing marks. Test will have basic theory of HTML, JAVA, XML, SQL and Information Technologies, which would help candidates to choose the technologies based on their interest and future goal.

  • 1.5 DELTA Hiring has limited seats for one batch. If a batch is full then new candidates will move to next batch for joining.

  • 1.6 Joining formalities should be completed before company issue joining letters to the Candidates. Once the candidate completes all the joining formalities, Joining Letter will be issued to the Candidate. Steps for joining:

    • a) Select the stream and technology in which candidate would like to join and discuss with HR about their profile and responsibilities.

    • b) Pay the program fees (with service tax applicable) by cheque in favour of VanraSoft Technologies or NEFT to Axis Bank- VanraSoft Technologies Current Account..

    • c) Candidate should have to fill the employment and background verification form with correct information and submit all the requested documents Xerox copies to HR department.

    • d) Company will share candidate documents with other Background verification company, consultants and client for background verification check processes.

    • e) If candidate background process gets failed due to some reason, then company has the authority to terminate the candidate and refund the fees amount received from candidate as part of DELTA Hiring processes by 15 days post dated cheque. Company will deduct the Indian rupee 1000/- from fees as processing fees for registration and background verification processing.

    • f) Once the fees is paid and background verification Check is completed successfully, the HR department will create employment id for joined candidate (is called “Associate”) and process his/her profile for batch engagement.

    • g) Once the batch is confirmed for associate, he/she will get complete training schedule and study materials.

    • h) On first day of training, HR will conduct Corporate Induction and explain the complete training process for next 3 months.

    • i) Listed Training Module needs to be completed as a part of Corporate Induction training as below:

      icon   Company Introduction
      icon   Work processes with VanraSoft
      icon   HR and General Policy
      icon   Leave and Holidays
      icon   Be professional with Dress code
      icon   Network and Internet uses
      icon   Task request guidelines
      icon   Community portal Awareness
      icon   Attendance and Time sheet guidelines
      icon   Payroll, Appraisal and Increment
      icon   USA,UK and Indian Culture
      icon   Team Hierarchy and reporting
      icon   Email & meeting Ethics etc...

    • j) Once Corporate Induction training is completed, the technical training will start as per the Training plans.

  • 1.7 Associates have to clear another technical test which is based on their attended training. She/he will get two chances to clear the test. It will be a 4 hrs machine test and the associate needs to appear for the test based on their stream. The passing mark for first attempt is 50% and second attempt is 60% for the candidate to clear the test.

  • 1.8 If associate gets failed to clear the above test then based on our policy we move the associate back to technical training again for duration of 1 month, and all the benefits would remain same as per DELTA Hiring salary processing.

  • 1.9 Once associate clear the above test, the HR team would conduct technical round of interview with project manager for their project allocation processing. There are various types of projects where HR can allocate them in below category.
    • icon   Billable Project Offshore side
    • icon   Billable Project On-Side (Client End)
    • icon   Company Product and Services
    • icon   Company's in house projects
    • icon   Research & Analysis projects
    • icon   Workforce pool projects etc...
  • 1.10 Associate will start getting the offered salary after the Associate clears the technical test based on their trainings. Depending upon the Performance of the Associate, the Associate would be eligible after one year incremental cycle based on Company’s Policies and Growth.

  • 1.11 Company is authorised to separate and terminate the candidate based on the termination policy at any time of employment. Until associate will follow all the rules as per policy, company will not separate working candidate. In case of financial loss or project lack off, company can share the associate profiles to other consultants for their next opportunities in the same city or anywhere in India. If associate denies to transfer or refuse to join client companies, then as per our outsource policy, VanraSoft has rights to separate associate with or without serving notice period of the company applicable as per their profiles.

  • 1.12 DELTA Hiring fees will not be refundable at any circumstances, as this is seat basis fees structure based on different technologies. Company will not consider closing any admission of any associate at any scenario except Background verification failure.

  • 1.13 As per DELTA Hiring process commitments, Associate and Company will have to work on dual side bound. Company signed dual side bound with associate as per below protocols.

    • A) Company will not separate or terminate its associate within one year due to any financial crises or any other projects related issue. Company reserve the rights to terminate the candidate based on company termination policy discuss below.

    • B) Associate cannot leave the company without informing and serving a notice period of 1 month after applying for resignation. Associate profile will be considered as probationary period for first 1 year and its profile will convert as permanent base on section 'D' as below. Company will have all rights reserved to release the associate during their one year bond as per their request or associate get placed in our client and other company, but fees will not be refunded as per section 'C' as below.

    • C) If in any case, associate resigned/placed/selected or leave job from their profile with company, then as per the company fees refundable policy, Company will not refund any fees amount or processing fees amount to associate at any circumstances.

    • D) If associate performance found satisfactory, then after one year of joining associate would be eligible for their increments and their profile get transformed as Permanent Employee. All the policy, rules and regulations will be applicable as per company permanent employee polices.

    • E) When candidate complete their respective fees for DELTA Hiring, company will issue the offer letter with additional Terms and Conditions as below:

      • E.1) Acceptance a Offer
        • a) The offer is valid till the date of joining decided by the company

        • b) Candidate sends acceptance of the offer to the company on or before the acceptance date decided by the company.

        • c) Offer for employment is subject to candidate passing their graduation/post-graduation without keeping any gaps.

        • d) Upon acceptance of the offer letter, candidate employment with the company will be effective from the date of candidate joining the company.

        • e) As per the business requirement, fill up the background verification form along with necessary documents to the HR person at the time of joining.

      • The information produced by the candidate at the time of recruitment as well as during joining is deemed to be true and correct. By accepting offer letter, candidate give their unconditional consent to the company and/or its authorized person/agency to carry out their background verification check and take all necessary actions to verify the authenticity of the information provided.

        In case of candidate failure to take necessary steps as mentioned in point above, within the specified time line or in case the information, particulars and data furnished to the company by candidate are found to be erroneous, incomplete, inaccurate or untruthful, in the background check or where the background verification check reveals undesirable result, the company will have a right to take necessary disciplinary action including termination of your employment without any obligations or without any notice period or compensation.

        Further, candidate allow the company to provide your personal information (a) for internal requirements (b) for applicable legal compliance in or outside India (c) as may be required by company's customers as a part of the engagement between company and customer e.g. sharing of profiles etc. (d) if required by court or government authorities.

      • E.2) Work Location

        At the time of joining candidate will be posted at Nagpur office. However, their services can be transferred to any of the VanraSoft group of companies, other establishments of the company, at company's customer site or at partner's location anywhere in India or abroad subject to company policies and business requirements from time to time.

      • E.3) Increment & Promotions

        Candidate's growth in the company and increments in the salary will depend solely on associate performance and contribution to the company. The increments and salary revision will be driven as per the Performance Management Policy of the company. Candidate should be employed with the company for a period of minimum one year, before being considered eligible for any salary review.

        Company works on resource outsourcing and company has the rights to share your profile with its client or other consultants for your placement or next level of opportunities. After selection of associate in interview, the associate should join our client or customer company in our or client payroll.

      • E.4) Probationary period

        Associate will be on probation for a period of one year, from the date of joining. Upon satisfactory performance during the probation period, associate employment will be deemed confirmed unless communicated to associate in writing.

        In addition to associate performance during the probationary period, confirmation of candidate employment is subject to candidate submitting the requisite documents as required at the time of candidate joining the company.

      • E.5) Recovery of Expenses

        Any expenses incurred by the company for your recruitment such as your relocation, accommodation, training, joining bonus, other bonus reimbursement of short fall of notice period if any, etc, would be recovered from you if you voluntarily resign from the services of the company within one year from date of joining.

      • E.6) Notice Period

        During probation, candidate employment can be terminated with thirty days notice or salary in lieu of the notice period on either side.

        After completion of probationary period and confirmation of permanent employment, if associate voluntarily resign from the services of the company, associate will be required to give sixty days of written notice or salary in lieu of the notice period subject to the company's discretion. In the event of associate having any incomplete assignment, the company will have the discretion to relieve associate only at the end of the sixty days notice period. Similarly, the company may terminate associate employment by giving those sixty days notice or salary in lieu of notice period.

        The company can terminate associate from their services without any notice period in case the employment is terminated on grounds of

        • i) Breach of confidentiality or IP related obligations
        • ii) Violation of law
        • iii) Gross Misconduct
        • iv) Material breach of company's policy. In such event, the company will not liable to make payment in lieu of notice period.

        In case the last day of associate employment falls on non-working day, associate last day of employment shall be the immediately previous working day

      • E.7) Retirement

        Associate shall retire on the day of completion of sixty years of age. For this purpose, the date of birth considered will be as per the candidate of proof of age submitted by associate at the time of joining the company. In case the last day of associate employment falls on a non-working day, associate last day of employment shall be the immediately preceding working day.

      • E.8) Rules and Regulations

        Associate will be governed by the rules and regulations applicable to the employees of the company, including revisions in such rules as may be effected from time to time. During the continuance of associate engagement with us, the Associate shall not be associated, concerned or interested directly or indirectly in any other occupation, business or employment whatsoever, but shall devote their whole time, attention and abilities exclusively to the performance of their duties and shall faithfully serve the company and use their best endeavour to promote the interest and business thereof.

        Also, the chart of authority and Disbursement is published on our Internet (as applicable). Associate may go through the same, once they join the organization.

      • E.9) Invention Assignment and Confidentiality Undertaking

        The matters pertaining to terms and conditions of associate employment including their remuneration are strictly confidential between associate and the company, and should be treated as such.

        As part of the joining process, associate will be required to sign 'Invention assignment and confidentiality undertaking'.

      • E.10) Code of Conduct

        As part of the joining process, associate will be required to sign 'Code of Conduct'.

      • E.11) Working Days

        The standard working hours of the company is 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Certain projects including projects requiring 24x7 support, may require an employee to work outside standard working hours as per the requirement of the business. In case associate assigned to such project, they may be required to work on shifts, as informed by their manager from time to time.

      • E.12) Information and Security

        The role assigned during associate employment with the company includes the information security responsibilities as required by organization and customer. This includes adhering, maintaining information security as required by information security policy of the organization and customer.

        During associate employment with the company, he/she shall not disclose any information to anyone including company's customers, prospective customers, people or entities outside the company or to any Company's employee which is confidential or trade secret under their previous employment contract or disclosure of which is in violation of any law or third party intellectual property rights. If he/she disclose any such information, you shall be solely liable at your own cost and you agree to hold harmless the company from against any claims, actions, suits, demands, damages, claims for fees, costs, charges and expenses.

      • E.13) Skills assessment and evaluation

        Associate needs to undergo training and skill up-gradation programs from time to time. Successful completion of evaluations with the training program is mandatory. If he/she fails to clear the evaluation; then company will have the rights to take appropriate action including project change/profile degradation with or without notice.

      • E.14) No Conflict

        Employee warrant that if he/she accept this employment offer with the company with same rules and policies, It shall not be conflict with (i) any other agreement that he/she may have entered into or (ii) any obligation that he/she may be bound to.

      • E.15) Dispute Resolution

        In case of any dispute or disagreement in relation to the terms of above rules or matters connected thereto, associate agree to negotiate in good faith to resolve such dispute or disagreement. In case he/she and company fail to settle the dispute/disagreement amicably, the same will be exclusively referred to arbitration in accordance with the provision of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 at Pune. Each party shall bear its own costs for arbitration.

      • E.14) Joining Formalities

        Candidate should contact to Respective HR department on the date of joining. We request them to report at 9.00 a.m. at the address mentioned below for completion of joining formalities.

Contact Details:

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